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>>>>> Crossover Ink is the printer for the Arts and the Trade; we print with a unique process that infuses your Art, Design, Photo or Logo into Metal, Fabric, Hard Board, Porcelain, Glass. After we embeded the image into the material, it is scratch and water resistant, durable and wearable. We manufacture Metal Prints, Custom Jewelry, Personalized Wearables like Bags and many other products that could be for re-sold as Limited Editions Products or Special Gifts. Explore the possibilities. It is infinite, the only limit is your creativity... We call it CREATIVE MERCHANDISING. We live in the Era of High Definition and HD Printing is here, at Crossover Ink, we print with an eight color ink process and at very high resolution, the result is just outstanding, the colors and the details are beyond amazing...
Metal Prints are the New Substrate for Fine Art Prints. Glowing & Luminescent. Outstandoing Colors with Incredible details...
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Our Customized Bags are printed with the same quality and details... Many differant bag styles available
The Natural Shell jewlery is available in many different shapes, make pendants, earrings, bracelets.
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